KHOJ UPDATE | 6F Day3_21.2.17

Dear Parents

After the energetic dance and dinner last night, the children settled in for a revitalising and restful sleep. Today, the day was kick-started with an early morning run and stretching after the morning milk. This was followed by quiet solo time in the green and open space. Children, then, sat in their smaller crews for circle time where they shared their reflection – ‘How am I feeling’ and ‘My experience till now at the farm’. They talked about “What more do they want to know/do/explore”. The children are quite excited about cooking and farming.

After the delicious and nutritious juice and breakfast, the crews engaged in various farming activities and worked closely with the local farmers to experience various aspects of organic farming. The children switched roles from what they tried yesterday and engaged in mulching, vegetable sowing and sowing saplings in the nursery. They are also being introduced to chemical-free techniques of pest control.

On returning from the field, the children will be served fresh carrot-beetroot or kinnow juice with farm fresh fruit chat. Thereafter, while the other crews will resume farming activities, one crew will proceed to the kitchen and start preparations for dinner. They will be learning about healthy cooking and preserving nutrition as they prepare ingredients and cook dinner for the entire group along with a cooking expert. The children are enthusiastically discussing the menu and ingredients.

Post lunch, they will get ‘own time’ to bathe, play on the farm and spend time with friends. At 3:30 p.m the students will go for a session with Jyaniji on “How mixed cropping and crop rotation are an important part of retaining soil fertility”. The folk dance lessons will commence in the early evening. The young dancers are relishing the local flavours of Punjab, both in food and dance.

After the evening milk and snacks, two crews will go for cattle herding and feeding while the other crew will prepare the dinner.

The day will come to a close with an evening reflection in crews and enjoying the dinner cooked by their friends.

Grade 6 Team

Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to exclude photographs of children whose parents did not grant us permission, any inclusion is inadvertent and regretted

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