The student clubs and societies at the Heritage School, Gurgaon are forums where student voices hold primacy. These student-led clubs are designed so that an "intentional" environment is created that supports youth leadership and community involvement. These clubs and societies also help the students to develop and hone their skills and interests in different subjects in a non-competitive atmosphere in synergy with the academic programme. A collateral benefit of this is also the application building for college admissions where proven leadership ability through involvement in school clubs is a must.


Anveshna (the science club) was started in 2008 by a group of enthusiastic teachers and students who believed that science has to be unencumbered from the shackles of classroom teaching. The club regularly holds meetings, holds movie shows, organizes field trips and engages in activities that further interest in and understanding of concepts of science.


The western vocal music club that keeps the spirits up with melodious songs.


The photography club member do not merely aim to excel in photography but also comes up with ideas such as an innovative photo-booth experience.


This robotics club was established in 2012 and has seen a steady rise in its membership. Members have created various kinds of mechanical robots using the Robotronics LITE kits in addition to programming automated Robots using Robotronics FULL kit. They regularly participate in the Inter-school Robotics Challenge with astounding results each year.


The debate society has won many honorary achievements and accolades and also conducted a nail-biting quiz called the "Can you get into DebSoc?"


Works to save our mother earth and conserve the environment.


The drama club has many thespians whose talent cannot but go unnoticed.


The literary society includes creative geniuses whose verse and prose are well regarded.


Works to serve the community.


The visual and performing arts club members specialize in creating eye catching craft items.


The dance club puts on some swag-tastic performances wooing the audience by showcasing different genres.

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