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Detailed day wise program schedule
Program Schedule Dates
Volunteer Crew Application Last Date 15 Nov 2016
Early Bird Ends 20 Nov 2016
The Actio Workshops 09 Dec 2016
EE Conclave 2016 11 & 12 December 2016

Conclave Fee:

Category Early Bird Rates Regular Rates
EEC 2016, Individual Rs. 4500 Rs. 5000
EEC 2016, Group Rs. 4000 Rs. 4500
EEC 2016, Student / NGO Fee Rs. 3500 Rs. 3500
T-Shirt Rs. 300 Rs. 300


Institutional Group Discount: Is applicable for registered institutions / organisation paying for their employees for a minimum of 5 participants. In order to get the discount contact Madhu Sudan at +91 974 137 4687 for Institutional group discount code.

NGO: The NGO has to be registered under Indian Law and need to furnish registration proof at the time of entry

Student Discount: Is applicable for current & valid students studying in a recognised educational institutions. Participants has to show valid ID proof on the day of the conference. Distance Education / Online Education does not qualify for the discount

Event Details

Spread over two days, this conclave is structured to ensure that you get adequate access to the experts and are able to attend the workshops and sessions that are most relevant to you.

All the workshops are categorised to 4 focus areas

  • Applications of experiential learning
  • The art of facilitation & teaching
  • Integrated learning environments
  • Classroom practices

As a participant, you will experience the following:

There will be three addresses, delivered by international & national experts in the field.

A ‘menu’ of 18 workshops of 90 minutes each, spread over two days will allow you to select the topics that matter most to you. These sessions will cover four focus practice areas.

A detail of all workshops will be available by end of November, but the timetable below will provide you with an overview of the conclave structure.

In addition to the two-day conclave sessions, we are organizing a day of special skilling workshops, which will provide in-depth practical training in an experiential education-related topic of your choice. The sessions will cover the application of experiential education. Led by experienced practitioners, theory takes a backseat and the focus of the workshops will be on developing your practical application skills through interactive participation and hands-on learning. Topics will include classroom tools and skills, designing activities, first aid, outdoor skills and more.


Actio Workshop- 9th Dec- Meditation centre,
The Heritage School,
Sector 62 Gurgaon

Conference- 10th and 11th Dec- M.P. Hall,
The Heritage School,
Sector 62 Gurgaon

Registration link for attendees

Who Should Attend?

If you have a passion for learning or for teaching, if the world around you brings out the curious child in you, if you would rather experience life than read about it, then don’t miss out on this conclave. Schools and colleges, the corporate world, the adventure sports arena—all these are rich grounds for the practice of experiential education. This conclave provides the meeting ground for practitioners from these diverse fields:

In school…
As an educator, experiential education principles and practices serve as an invaluable complement to curriculum-based learning. It will enable you to equip your students with the intellectual and social skills they will need to succeed in life. You will be able to engage with students in new ways, spark their curiosity, teach them to think outside the textbook and push them to put what they have learned to practical use.

At work…
The corporate world can be a jungle and navigating it requires certain skills. Using experiential education principles to design programmes that help individuals develop their professional skills can play a vital role in enhancing employees’ potential. The conclave exposure will enable you to engage employees at a level that goes beyond their ‘job descriptions’, guides them on how to hone their problem solving and leadership capabilities, and promotes responsibility, independent thought and teamwork.

In the outdoors…
Nature is the world’s biggest classroom and offers some of the richest opportunities for experiential education. Those in the field of adventure sports and outdoor activities can use experiences such as challenge courses, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, nature walks and community service to increase awareness of the world we live in,, to truly understand important principles such as conservation, diversity and interdependence not just in terms of the environment, but also as applicable to society as a whole.

Please register at: http://cee.org.in/CEE/contact/

Payment Gateway Link for attendees

Participants can register & make the payment for the EEC 2016 & The Actio Workshop in three ways:

  • Payment Gateway: Online payment made by Debit Card, Credit Card, Internet
    Banking. Visit http://cee.org.in/CEE/contact/ and click “Register Now” to do the needful.
  • Cash: The payment can be made at #146-B, Ground Floor, Shapurjat, New Delhi, Contact Person Madhu Sudan at 8277270942
  • Cheque: To be in the name of “Center for Experiential Education” and courier the cheque to #146-B, Ground Floor, Shapurjat, New Delhi 110049, Contact Person Madhu Sudan at 8277270942

How to register online

Step 1: Visit http://cee.org.in/CEE/contact/ and click “Register Now”button

Step 2: Choose the category that suits you. The options are Individual, Group & NGO / Student. Choose any 1

Step 3: Choose the type of ticket “Actio Workshop” or “CEE Conclave 2016” if you are doing both then choose the combo option. Click “Proceed”

Step 4: Enter your persona details. Click “Continue”

Step 5: Recheck the tickets and Click “Confirm”

Step 6: Enter billing details, if its the same then choose “SAME AS..” then Click “Proceed to Pay”

Step 7: Choose how you to pay and enter the details then Click “Pay Securely”

Once the payment is made you will get a ticket to the email address that you have entered.

Contact Details

Please Contact: Sunanda or Madhu at:
Mobile: +91-8277270942
Email: conclave@cee.org.in

Why this conference

Experiential education is an emerging field in India, and like most beginnings, it is full of promise, excitement and a world of opportunities. Now is the time for us to come together, to create a community of practitioners so we may all learn from one another, develop a deeper understanding of experiential education and work together to set the agenda for its growth in India.

This conclave is your opportunity to connect with experiential education practitioners from all over the country and experts from round the world so you can enhance your understanding of the principles of experiential education and its applications, learn valuable new strategies and skills to integrate into your work, and in so doing, grow and succeed professionally while continuing to make a difference in the lives of others.

Be a part of the experience. Gain the insights. Create a community.

Join us to…

  • Meet with and learn from world leaders in the field of experiential education. You will have the rare opportunity to engage with them first-hand, be a part of in-depth discussions and understand their valuable perspectives, and benefit from their experience.
  • Connect with experiential education practitioners from all over India, build a network and become part of a vibrant community of your peers. In so doing you will gain access to a rich source of ideas, support and expertise.
  • Gain unique insights and practical knowledge that will help you develop your own skills and enable you to expand and hone your application of the principles of experiential education in your area of expertise.
  • Learn from best examples from your fellow experiential education practitioners and the experts so you can apply these valuable lessons to your own field of work and help build a body of practical knowledge that will serve as an invaluable resource for experiential education practitioners in India.
  • Set the agenda for the development of experiential education in India. As we come together to share our stories and meet with seasoned experts, we will gain the perspective needed to drive the growth of experiential education in India.
Speakers and Presenters

The speakers and presenters at the conclave are leading experiential education practitioners and educationists from round the world with decades of hands-on experience in the field of experiential education. They are not just theorists, but committed experts who walk the talk.

Keynote Speakers

Ron Lancaster

Ron is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream at the University of Toronto where he teaches mathematics methods courses for future middle and high school teachers. He has over 20 years of experience teaching grades 7-12 mathematics. Ron’s professional activities include consultations and conference presentations in North America, Asia, England, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar and Africa. Ron is an author for the NCTM (The Mathematical Lens) and member of the Advisory Board for the Museum of Mathematics in New York City. Ron has created math paths in Singapore where over 7000 students and hundreds of teachers have enjoyed his walks in Suntec City, Fort Canning Park and the NUS Art Museum. Ron has developed Math Trails for Math for America, the Avenues School and the Museum of Mathematics in Manhattan at MoMA, Museum of Natural History, Ellis Island, Bronx Zoo, Madison Square Park, NYU, Columbia University and the High Line. He is the recipient of the 2015 Margaret Sinclair Memorial Award Recognizing Innovation & Excellence in Mathematics Education awarded by the Fields Institute.

Manit Jain

Manit Jain championed the cause of experiential learning launching it successfully in the mainstream environment sceptical of this in the country. Co-founder and Director of The Heritage Group of Schools which has consistently ranked amongst the top 10 schools in India for the past 3 years, Manit also features amongst the 22 Extraordinary Education Innovators (EW April 2015 issue) for transforming schools into activity hubs where students and teachers learn-teach through hands-on experiences and real-life projects. Establishing path breaking ideas and structures to address the need for re-imagining schools, he continues to anchor innovation and best practises in the need of student success in the 21st century. An empathetic change-maker with a robust investment of practise and perfection in education, Manit continues to found new ventures like ‘I am a Teacher’, a Post graduate diploma in learning and teaching that is changing the paradigm of Teaching in India. He continues to step out on the balcony, a metaphor for stepping back from the day-to-day and looking at the systems from the outside, and one that he picked up from Harvard Kennedy School Senior Lecturer Ron Heifetz whilst pursuing his Masters in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, to keep vision of the larger picture.

Ms. Carla J. Hacker

Carla has been an educator for more than 30 years with a passion for teaching and learning experientially. Her love for helping students form strong learning communities led Carla to become the program director and teacher for an adventure based experiential education program in the Madison schools. During the 20 years she taught and administered this program, she worked with teachers and students to think and work experientially and develop the skills necessary for creating safe and productive classroom communities.

Carla holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Masters degree in Experiential and Environmental Education from Radford University in Radford, Virginia.

She is currently graduate faculty for the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse in LaCrosse, WI. The students in this program are classroom teachers who are pursuing a Master’s degree in Professional Development with an emphasis on Experiential Education and group process. Carla has also worked as adjunct graduate faculty providing experiential learning opportunities for educators at National Louis University in Chicago, Illinois, Ferris University in Michigan, and Viterbo University in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. Carla serves on the board of the Wisconsin Leadership Institute. She is a founding member of the Wisconsin Challenge Course Consortium and is working with her former graduate students to develop Exploration-U, a project designed for teachers that provides opportunities to learn about the experiential education while participating in a wilderness adventure.


Rayna Dineen

Rayna Dineen has worked in education for over 30 years and has been working directly with EL Education for 16 years. She received two master’s degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, in addition to doctoral work at Colorado State University. Rayna has taught students in prek-12 and is passionate about experiential education, inclusive practices, positive classroom management and service learning. She founded an EL Education prek-8 school in Santa Fe, NM (Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences) where she served as teacher and principal for 13 years. Since 2013, she has been working as an EL Education School Designer serving schools in India (The Heritage School and the Polymath School), New Mexico, Arizona, West Virginia, Utah, Idaho and Colorado. She facilitates national education institutes for EL Education and has co-facilitated the Crew institute (creating a positive school culture) The Management in the Active Classroom institute and the Site Seminar on Student Engaged Assessment at the renowned Odyssey School for the past three years. She is a contributor to the EL Primary Literacy curriculum, in addition to two EL Education books, Management in the Active Classroom and Learning That Lasts. Rayna also created and currently directs an award winning community service literacy program with middle and high school student tutors which has achieved remarkable growth in reading for children with learning challenges. This literacy outreach program has served hundreds of children in Santa Fe and offers a free summer reading camp and afterschool tutoring program called “Reading is Magic” for low income elementary school age children who struggle with reading. Students in this program make one year’s growth in reading on average, during the two weeks of the camp.

Sonia Relia

Sonia Relia has been working with the P-K to Grade 2, for the past 27 years. She has developed a program called Kino learn, signifying learning with change. A system that works with low budgets and large groups using simple activity kits and recourses that are easily accessible to teachers. She conducts T PEP: Teachers’ Participation and Experimentation programs in different parts of India and has shared her work with about 30,000 teachers in India. She holds a Montessori Diploma from the International Association Montessori, B.A, B-Ed and Post-Graduation in Training and Development. Her contributions as an author with Oxford University Press India, have been many. The very first ‘Activity Based Series’ for Early Years Learning that includes the pre-primary grades, My Learning Train (Awarded in 2014 for Early Learning Solution by Indian Didactic Association). This series offers a Beginners Level for Nursery; Level 1 and 2 for Lower and Upper Kindergarteners. The content includes the development of skills for preschoolers in the domains of English Language, Early Years Mathematics and Environmental Science published in 2013. The year 2014, saw her publish the ‘Activity Based Skill and Phonic Reader’ named Splash for both levels of Kindergarten followed by an Atlas For Little Learners. Her recent publication are ‘Meri Railadi’ and ‘My World of Colours’ in 2016. Sonia believes that teachers who continuously learn and are aware, are given realistic targets and involved in decision making practices, facilitated and supported by the management and parents, and most of all respected as nation builders will in- turn facilitate learners and create better learning environments for children.

Marc Mesich

With experience working in seven different countries Marc brings a global perspective to the field ofeducation, student empowerment, and leadership. Asan IBDP Coordinator, CAS / Activities Director, and founder of a holistic education NGO he is able to understand and incorporate a range of multiple perspectives into his presentations and workshops. Marc is passionate about outdoor education, service learning, and helping students develop a sense of personal empowerment. Now working at his third IBschool he will bring his past experiences and backgrounds to support others in their process of developing and empowering future student leaders. Expect a fast action packed experience.

Eduhero Fozia Contractor

Eduhero Fozia Contractor, is also known as The Synthesizer at Riverside School. She has worked as Management Auditor for a Multinational Company before plunging full time into education. A passionate current affairs reader, she feels, every today is an opportunity to help young minds to enjoy and find relevance in their learning and build perspectives by asking the right questions. She actively shares her practices of fruitful engagement of her students with others of the fraternity through training.

Gitanjali Sarangan

Gitanjali is the founder of Snehadhara Foundation, an educationist, a social entrepreneur, an ABT (Arts Based Therapy) Practitioner and an ABT Guide for Bangalore and South India with over a decade’s experience in teaching a diverse population of children and adults, including children with special needs, and learning difficulties. Gitanjali is one among two artists to be awarded the Artist’s Grant 2014 for the ‘Art inEducation Program’ by the India Foundation for the Arts.At the Global Ethics Forum’s ‘My Choice for Equality’ Recognition 2014, she has been recognised for being an individual who has stood up against inequality and taken action towards establishing a more equal, impartial and fair world. She has been on the prestigious TEDx platform, 2014 and spoke at the TEDx BITS Hyderabad , ‘Of the Goodness of Life’. Gitanjaliis on the panel ofdesign experts of the ‘Arivu Disha’. A two-Pronged Program to Improve Learning Outcomes and Career Prospects of government school children in Karnataka. Her paper ‘Arts Based Therapy for enabling peer to peer social interaction between neurotypical children and those with special needs’– National Conference on Models of Best Practices in Empowerment of Persons with disabilities at Kottayam, Kerala, Oct 2015 enthused the interest of professionals working with special populations to look at holistic learning methodologies.

Stuti Agrawal

Stuti Agrawal, is also known as the ‘Catalyctive’ at Riverside School. As a catalyst, she is proactive in taking up responsibility and ownership for ensuring smooth and effective outcome of many processes. Having a passionate love for books, she feels that there is always an opportunity to add value and do well. She actively takes part in debates and grabs opportunities that come her way, through which she believes, she is learning something new every day and moulding herself into a more open and confident person.

Abhishek Iyer

Has an energetic and optimistic spirit. He is one who is ready to take up any challenge and see it through. He has a passionate love for science and technology and eagerly engages in many different opportunities that shape him into a fun loving and caring person. He believes that technology is the key to the future as he explores different avenues by taking part in a variety of different science fairs and participating in online classes on robotics. He also has a small youtube channel because he believes knowledge is of no value unless shared with everyone.

Peggy Sood

Peggy Sood has lived in India for over 45 years, married into an Indian family. She taught lower primary grades and then served as a principal at the American Embassy School, New Delhi, for 30 years. She also taught at The British School, New Delhi, and at the middle school level at the Shreyas School, Ahmedabad. Mrs. Sood holds a B. Sc. in Education from the State University of New York, a Master of Arts in Indian History from the American University, Washington, D.C. and a Master of Education in Supervision and Administration from the University of Maryland. She is also certified as a 6 to 9 Montessori educator. Since her retirement last year, Mrs. Sood has served as an educational consultant for schools in Delhi, Bangalore and Jaipur. Her passion is teacher training and the workshops she offers include implementing experiential learning, understanding and implementing early reading and writing in a balanced literacy programme, class management, how parents can support reading at home and how to provide a rich learning environment for pre-school children. Mindful of local needs and constraints, Mrs. Sood also tailors her presentations to suit the vision of a school and the needs of the teachers. Mrs. Sood lives in New Delhi where her 5 grandchildren provide constant insights into children’s joy of learning.

Swati Bhatt & Agyatmitra Shunya

Both Swati Bhatt & Agyatmitra Shunya, are Play for Peace Certified Trainers and have been with Play for Peace since it started in the year 2000, in India. In the past 15 years they have worked in the development sector with a diverse and varying range of organizations that include international agencies like OXFAM DB, CRS, World Vision and with NGO, CBO’s and CLO’s.

Working at grassroots with teachers, community activists, field staff and youth groups, they have enabled them to promote inclusive education, peace and healthier growth in children. They have also travelled with Play for Peace to many different countries that are in need of community based peace processes involving everyone. The year 2015 itself, had them both travel on work to Pakistan, Nepal & South Sudan to introduce Play for Peace.

Preminda Langer

An alumnus of the Bank Street College of Education, New York City, Preminda Langer’s hallmark is developing a progressive curriculum with social responsibility, and collaborative group work that goes hand-in-hand with academics. With a heartbeat short of 40 years of evolution and experience in the field of education, she shares her varied experiences gathered from teaching Primary and pre-classes, working with publishers, creating curricula, and being involved with teacher-education Preminda continues to hone her skills in creating child-centred, integrated, interactive authentic learning environments, where children are autonomous, responsible, and active participants in their own learning. Currently, an Educational Development Specialist with Universal Learn Today (the learning division of The India Today Group), she develops curriculum, mentors teachers, and conducts interactive workshops that enhance the use of textbook and curriculum delivery. Her areas of specialisation are Early Years curriculum, hands-on Science, and conducting Writers’ Workshops.

Aditya V

A Chartered Accountant by chance and an Educator by choice, Aditya is currently in the 5th year of his exploration of how to bring meaningful and safe education to school classrooms, using principles of experiential education. He has finished a Diploma in Experiential Education & Practice with Vishwas Parchure. He is also a Certified Global trainer for Play for Peace. Aditya currently heads the middle and high school of Pebble Creek Life School, in Hyderabad. Along with that he is also a full-time teacher who teaches VIII and IX grades using the principles of Experiential Education, in the same school. He along with his co-facilitator, Nisha, has worked with various national and international organisations, on teacher trainings. He is inspired by his wife Nisha and Vishwas Parchure, his mentors in everyday life as well as in his development as an educator.

Nisha Sharma

Nisha has been working in the field of education for the past ten years. She did her Bachelors and Post Graduation in Elementary Education. Her exploration to create a classroom culture which is safe and democratic has led her to explore the principles of experiential education. She is passionate about exploring essential life skills with children. These skills include practicing democracy, being intrinsically motivated, recognizing power dynamics within and around oneself and recognizing one’s own valuesystem. These days she is working as a school leader in a school in Hyderabad where she is focusing on creating a culture of learning, co-creation, ownership and purposefulness. She has managed to use the principles of experiential education to work with learners of various ages and background. Her present quest lies in creating an organizational structure which is based on co-created processes.

Vishwas Parchure

With 12 years corporate experience and 27 years in the field of education, Vishwas brings to his facilitation a variety of experience from Sales & Marketing, Teaching, Training, Peace building in communities, Outdoors and Adventure. He was a practitioner in the field of Experiential and Outdoor education before the country was aware that such a vocation existed. His travels with Play for Peace and desire to build peaceful communities has taken him to Canada, USA, N. Ireland, South Africa, and the Middle East to work with organisations involved in building peaceful communities. He has the ability to manage large groups, creating for them powerful experiences short and long, so that the meaning emerges as a result of their own initiative and engagement. He also has considerable experience with Senior Leadership teams.

Shalini Menon

Shalini has been working with India’s development sector for over 10 years now. A 2014 Stanford Ignite Fellow, Stanford Graduate School of Business, her work is focused on educators & trainers who work with youth from low and middle-income groups. She has earlier spoken about movement building of educators on platforms like Ink Talks & Google For Educators Salon, Jumpstart – an initiative of German Book Office.

Founder of Educators Collective she has facilitated learning, for over 30 NGO’s in India and 3 internationally, helping build theory of change, culture shift, digital campaigning, organizing and movement building. Her work has been an opportunity to work in different social & economic context, including organizations in South East Asia, UK, USA & Peru.

Shalini is currently focused on combining the power of digital & experiential learning in classrooms and the role of EE in social movements.

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