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If you are exploring this website, you are likely either a current or prospective parent or you are interested in progressive education in India — or, indeed, both.

All of this is good because it means we share a vision about what education means not only to the children and young people it serves but also to the development of a civic society and the future of a developing nation.

You will, I hope, have noticed the fine print under our name in the logo. It says we are an experiential learning school, which, ironically, some people have read as experimental school, because we have built a reputation across India for our bold, innovative practices. But while they may be innovative for Indian schools, our pedagogy and assessment strategies are time-tested, drawn from international best practices, research-based and data-driven. Now in our second decade, the good news is that we are reaping consistent results and, while we continue to discover and create, we are also consolidating. We are confident and clear that we know what we are doing — and that is good news for parents and for educationalists alike.

Our vision has been constant: we believe that each person comes into the world with a personal destiny to fulfill, equipped with all of the aptitudes and talents required to realise his or her ultimate purpose. As educators, it is our duty to create an environment that nurtures and cultivates each person’s giftedness, providing experiences through which they develop and hone essential skills including, most essentially of all, how to gain the knowledge they need and apply that knowledge in creative new ways to make a unique contribution to their world.

I have joined The Heritage Schools, after over 30 years in international education worldwide, because I believe in its mission to work through mainstream education to create a sustainable form of experiential learning that can infuse new energy and extract new meaning from a content-heavy syllabus. This mission is actually in line with India’s traditional values even as it positions us on the cutting edge of much-needed reform. Teaching through real-life experiences, rather than lecturing from a textbook, works because this is how children and adolescents actually learn — by making connections with their bodies, hearts and minds. But teaching this way also requires tremendous commitment because it takes more effort, better planning and unshakable faith in the vision.

We invite you to explore our website and contact us if our vision strikes a chord with you. We are eager for people to join us on our journey to excellence!

Kaye Jacob


Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to exclude photographs of children whose parents did not grant us permission, any inclusion is inadvertent and regretted

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